Monday, November 20, 2017

Behind Closed Doors

That ice has been here all night.
Aww come on I know you got something to say.
What time is it.
We got a standing ovation.
This is worse than working. Just let me get back to my hot car.
I don't know why I take the headache. I know I want to go home.
We need to see about having a reunion.
What happens if you don't show up?
Ring, ring. Don't you know your're suppose to be here. Yes sir, Yes sir.
I wonder what the sentence will be.
Don't you discuss this case with no one else.
I am ready to go home.
Y'all want to take another vote.
I'm not coming back tomorrow. I thought it would end today.
You can take another vote, but my vote is still the same.
Let's go in the box.
They might send us to another case.
I hope we don't have to come back
Did you change your mind? I said, "No."
You have the right to remain silent.
Will we get our three checks tomorrow.

Monday, September 25, 2017


Went back to my surgeon and everything checked out great with my last mammogram. He went on to ask me if I had ever had a colonoscopy? I said, no.

Needless to say before I left the office I had my surgery date scheduled. Sometimes your insurance wants you to have this because of having breast cancer in the past. So, you just bite the bullet and get it done.

As most of you might know you are given a gallon jug of liquid to drink the night before surgery. I mixed up the solution and put one packet of crystal lemon-lime in it. Then proceed to shake real well and refridgerate a few hours before drinking.

I had to drink 8 ounces of the mixture every 15 minutes. I got 3 glasses down and my stomach was already getting full. Not good!  Long story short. I drank about 75 percent of it and was worked out real good.

I had my colonoscopsy done that morning and everything checked out fine. Hooray!

Don't delay in getting this done. It could save your life.

Thursday, November 10, 2016


November 7th I started taking arimidex for the next 5 years.
Today is the third day I have taken this. I am taking you on this journey with me as I continue on the road to my complete healing.

February 13, 2017~ My sixth month mammogram was today. All clear. Praise God!
I will have another one in 6 months on both breasts. I am already thanking God for a good report.

March 7, 2017~ I meet with the surgeon who did my lumpectomy, Praising God all the way!

May 2, 2017 ~ I had been on Fosamax once a week. I had went back to my oncologist and mentioned about taking Boniva. You only take in once a month. I had been on it about 2 weeks and knew that something was not right. My hip bones hurt terribly and I hurt in my groin area. I called my doctor and told him I was very fatigued and was not feeling well at all. To many aches that I did not have before I went on the Boniva. The doctor also wanted to check my blood and make sure nothing else was going on. He said, "He was not expecting anything to show up." He took me off the fosamax til my next appointment so my body can get rid of the boniva. So, what was suppose to be a good thing once a month turned into a not so good thing.

Later that evening I received a phone call from the nurse and she said, " My blood sugar was low" My blood sugar has never been low. Never.

After I got off the phone with her I went and looked up the side effects for boniva and found out it makes your hips and joints hurt. It also makes your sugar levels go up and down. Some people may can take boniva I am not one of them.

So, today is August 7th, 2017. I have been back on fosamax for two weeks now. I feel really good. I just past my year mark of when I was diagnosed with breast cancer August 3, 2016. Can I get a shout out. My 6 month mammogram was great. I will have another in six months. I expect it to be the same.

I am doing this blog to help others as they go through similar cases of breast cancer. I also want to be able to look back in years to come to where God has brought me from.

Friday, October 21, 2016

I Don't Miss It

I don't miss having to change into these gowns five days a week

I don't miss laying under the machines and being zapped five days a week. I don't miss it at all.

I made some awesome friends while being treated. I will miss their smiling faces and encouragement. One thing is for certain I won't miss being treated. I know it will take time for things to go back to normal, but I know they will. God is a restorer of all things and He is restoring everything the enemy put in my path. The Lord will never fail those who believe and put their trust in Him.

Thank you Lord for a new season in my life.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

HER-2 Test

Surgery was successful. Thanking God this part was over.

They were going to start treatment on September 11th, but the doctors couldn’t do that. During an appointment with the medical oncologist, he discovered the HER–2 test results were not in. They had to have those results before the treatment plan could be finalized.

Finally, they got the results in but they were unequivocal, which means they were not positive or negative.

So, he told the pathologist to send off for another test, which wouldn’t be in until 7-10 days. To make it even later, Labor Day delayed it a little bit also.

I went back to my surgeon on September 12th and told them we were waiting on the HER 2 test results. He said, “Oh, we have those results.” We were so happy that we could finally get the ball rolling.

After looking, it was the same results we already had. So, we waited some more.

The mapping appointment had to be rescheduled, too. They said if you had the mapping done and then the HER -2 came back positive and you needed chemo, you’d have to do the mapping again.

I had already made up my mind that whatever was needed to be done whether it be chemo or just radiation, that was what I needed. I didn’t say wanted, but needed.

September 23, 2016 was the first radiation treatment.

Saturday, October 8, 2016


My daughter said to me, “What if it’s caused by something I’ve done? I had been worrying about the boys and had talked about it way too much. Maybe I caused Mama to get sick. I told her that did not cause anything. We have and enemy and he comes to steal, kill, and destroy, I told her, “that I was not going to be one that he could destroy. “ I know the Word and I know healing belongs to me. I will fight the fight with God’s help and we will win.

I had to get some paperwork to take back to Medlink to file for insurance.
What happened next was a miracle. The lady at Medlink helped me fill out over twenty pages for Medicaid. That NEVER HAPPENS. Her mother had ovarian cancer, so she knew exactly what to put. Even better, I was approved THAT day!!!

It turns out this lady went to our church years ago. She was a godsend.  My primary care physician wanted me to see the oncologist first. I didn’t know why. He said that was his preference.
 I had an appointment with the oncologist for Thursday, August 4th.

On the way home from church, I asked my daughter to call Memaw to see if she saw the oncologist first. She said, “No, I went straight to the surgeon. I was wondering why you would see the oncologist first.

That night, my daughter and I both didn’t sleep much.  I had a horrible night because I thought I had messed up by agreeing to see the oncologist first. This was all new to me.  I didn’t know how everything worked.

Since the tumor was small, they recommended a lumpectomy. I had an appointment with the breast surgeon August 8th, 2016.

I told them, “I just want it out. Maybe they can do it this week!”

The surgery was scheduled for August 18th. Pre-op on August 11th.

My emotions were all over the place. I thought since everything else had moved so fast, the surgery would be that week. “It can’t come soon enough,” I said.
When it didn’t work out that way, I was disappointed.

I had stage 1 ductal carcinoma.

I felt so fragile. Everything in me felt like it was breaking.
Invasion of space- Meaning that everything in my household was about to change.
Invasion of privacy- Meaning people would be all in my business and I did not like it.

Lumpectomy on August 18, 2016.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Next step was to have a biopsy.  I was making sure the hospital had a payment plan because I had no insurance, the woman said, “You may also have to have an ultrasound that day. The ultrasound appointment is already set for 1:00. This made me a little nervous.“No one said anything to me about an ultrasound. Why would I need that?” The lady didn’t know, so she transferred me to someone else. The ultrasound would only be done if the doctors felt like it needed to be done, so the appointment was made just in case.

I decided I had better tell my parents. My mom said it would probably be nothing. I had a benign place taken out when I was sixteen years old. I found it through self-examination.

After everything was finished, I called my daughter. “I had the biopsy and they did an ultrasound.”

“I didn’t think you were going to need that.”
“I didn’t either, but I did. I saw it on the mammogram. It’s really small.”

They said I would have the results in 48 to 72 hours, which meant Friday at the latest.

Unbeknownst to me, I got a call at work on Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016 telling me to come to Medlink right away. When I got there, they told me about the results of the biopsy.

I came home.  I was crying when I came through the door. My daughter asked, “What? What is it, Mama?” She asked.

“I’ve got carcinoma.” I was shocked. My daughter was shocked. It’s something you never expect and something you are never prepared for.